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Skylights are an excellent way to get more natural light into a building. Therefore, they save a lot of energy and money. And they look great! There are many kinds and styles of skylights to choose from.

There are a few things to think about when you’re considering the possibility of getting a skylight installed on your roof at home or commercial building.

Here are some important benefits of rooftop windows and skylights:

1. They let natural light and solar heat into your living/work space. Natural sunlight is proven to improve mood increase performance in workplaces.

2. Sunlight can heat up your living/work space. The fresh air from the open window that it lets in, will improve cross ventilation in stuffy rooms. The cross-ventilation can also cool down your living and work spaces without having to turn on your air conditioner. This additional heating and cooling will save you a ton of money on the energy costs you normally pay for electricity and heating. The heat from the sunlight is especially helpful during the cold winter season!

3. Skylights and rooftop windows will therefore increase the overall resale value and equity of your home or commercial property because their installation is a proven way to save a new owner money on energy costs as well as improve the physical appearance and overall look of the rooms that they are in.

4. Having the ability to look up into the natural view of the sky during the day or night also adds the impression of extra space in the room! This happens because they have a similar effect that mirrors have on walls. Skylights and rooftop windows very often make a normally dark and gloomy room feel more spacious and more welcoming!


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Our recommendations on Skylight or Rooftop Window Placement:

If your priority is to save money on your energy expenses, it is recommended that you install your skylight or rooftop window so that it faces south. If you install them facing northward, they bring in a more consistent amount of natural light during the whole year.

Coquitlam Roofers understand both the advantages and disadvantages of installing skylights or rooftop windows so we will assist you in maximizing their benefits and in avoiding any major issues. Specifically, we have the expertise, skills, and experience to choose the correct equipment to use for the specific situation that you are in. We will cater to all of your needs, wants, and desires! We understand that no two installations are the same. For example, some homeowners prioritize having the increase in natural sunlight in their houses versus some business owners who prioritize the better ventilation and added solar heat that can be generated in their office spaces.

Once you meet with us, we’ll walk you through all of these benefits and answer any and all of your questions before you decide on whether to install a skylight. Most importantly, we will install a skylight that has laminated glass and is leak-proof!