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Shingles may be rated for a certain number of years by the manufacturer, but this is accurate only if no events like heavy storms occur to damage the shingles. As a property owner, you should get routine roof inspections to maintain your roof’s good condition and to prevent damage before it starts.  As well as avoiding a high roof repair cost.

Protection and safety are paramount! A comprehensive roof inspection involves diagnosing and assessing the roof of either your residential or commercial building to see if it needs a major repair, minor repair, or an entire roof replacement. Newer roofs usually only need minor repairs and updates, whereas older roofs typically need more major work done or even a full replacement. 

If we discover that only a few roof shingles are broken or missing, and/or if the roof has only minor leaks, you most likely won’t have to replace the whole roof. Fixing any problems before they become worse is a preventative measure that can help your roof last many years longer than the warranty period, therefore saving you the cost of unnecessary roof repairs or expensive replacement roof installations. 

Before buying a property, you should schedule a home inspection that includes a roof inspection so that you can factor in the required repairs into the cost of that property. Roof inspections can detect typical roofing problems that result from weathering and aging and if there is any roof leak repair needed. They may or may not be covered by warranty. 

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Examples of problems that can cause leaks:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Shingles buckling/curling
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Drainage issues
  • Leaks or cracks
  • Roof sagging or drooping
  • Plants or moss growth

Explanation of specific issues: Damaged flashing: Roof flashing is needed to keep your roof from leaking wherever you have a penetration coming through your roof, whether it’s a dormer, skylight, chimney, or vent pipe. 

If your flashing is improperly installed or worn out somehow, leaks can easily materialize. 

Wet spots on ceiling:

Brown spots show up on your ceiling or water is dripping from the ceiling.

Missing Shingles:

If shingles are old or incorrectly installed, strong winds can detach shingles.

Buckled shingles:

Can be caused by excessive moisture or the sheeting beneath the roof buckling. Buckled shingles can easily dismantle.

Missing Granules:

Asphalt dries out on older roofs. This causes the granules to be uprooted. Granules protect shingles from sunlight.

Curling Shingles:

The roofing reinforcement can shrink, causing the roof to curl. This typically happens when shingles are close to their expiry date.

Needles and Leaves:

Creates awful appearance. Easy for moss and algae to root in and deteriorate roofs when needles and leaves are left there.

Algae Staining:

If algae are left on the roof, their roots can uplift granules, causing the roof to wear down. It also creates a dirty stain.

Curling shakes:

The curling of shakes is caused by defective shakes or aging shakes. Curling shakes can be easily be ejected by heavy winds.

Splitting Shakes:

Shakes become more fragile as they get older because they lose their natural oils. This causes splitting.