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The are a lot of myths flying around about metal roofs that can be easily debunked. For example, they don’t increase the chance that lightning will strike your building! On the contrary, metal PROTECTS your building because it spreads out the energy when it encounters a fire, making it pretty much fire resistant. In addition, metal suits all different styles of roofs. 

It is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and it reduces cooling costs. The most important thing to understand is that metal is more durable and longer-lasting than asphalt for roofs. Metal roofs will not crack, peel, or even blister so it is less likely to be damaged or destroyed! Specifically, metal roofs are proven to last much longer, two to three times in fact, than roofs made of asphalt. 

Premium metal roofs such as those using a field-locked standing seam and aluminum shingles are known to last up to 60 years! The bottom line is, metal roofs are much more durable than most other kinds of shingled roofs. Their warranties commonly range from 25 to 50 years! Roofs are generally very energy-inefficient. When heated or cooled air is lost through the roof, approximately 30% of your building’s energy is lost. 

Metal roofs, however are very energy-EFFICIENT because they reflect the sun, cutting down the amount of heat penetrating into a building. Statistically, a reflective roof can actually trim peak cooling demand by up to 15 percent! Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors! In addition, metal’s color will not fade easily over time like other roofing materials, keeping its appearance attractive for a much longer period of time. 

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Metal roof systems have even have special features that make your roof look great! An example is the standing seam that makes a metal roof look sleek. As a bonus, it will protect your building from water because the seam is hidden under the roof. Standing seam metal roofing systems can be used for both metal roofing or metal walls. They all consist of a concealed fastener metal panel system that includes raised vertical seams and a large flat area between the two legs. 

Metal panels can also be used as a decorative area to a commercial building. Because it is such a durable material, buildings like barns and sheds use strong, heavy-duty metal that will protect them against outside elements such as strong winds, heavy rains, and stormy weather. In contrast, other roofing materials, such as wood and stone, will decay easily over time and will have to be replaced much sooner. 

To give you even more peace of mind, we coat our industrial metal with zinc. Metal is much stronger than asphalt. For example, premium metal roofs like aluminum shingles and field-locked standing seam metal roofing systems are documented to often live a life of up to 60 years, which is almost three times longer than rooms made of asphalt! A metal roof can increase your property’s value dramatically when you compare it to other materials, therefore having a newly installed or repaired metal roof can reduce your insurance premiums greatly. 

Insurance companies will be a lot less likely to have to pay out insurance claims to you because buildings with metal roofs installed have been proven to suffer less damage, deterioration, and decay from fires, stormy weather, heavy winds and rain, and general wear and tear. The bottom line is, insurance companies commonly favor buildings with metal roofing. Call Coquitlam Roofers now for a FREE no obligation quote!